Totally Free Credit Report

Written by Breean Murel
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A totally free credit report can be obtained in a number of different ways. If you have good credit, are employed and you would simply like to look over your credit report, you will most likely have to pay a modest fee to obtain it. Of course, the fee you pay will be small in comparison to what you will gain having been able to see and understand your credit report.

What Entitles You to a Totally Free Credit Report?

In the event that you apply for credit and are denied, you have exactly 60 days to request a totally free credit report from the agency that provided the creditor with your information. The creditor will not, nor are they required to, supply you with the reasons for your denial. So if you are in fact denied, it is a good idea to obtain your report and find the reasons for yourself.

If you are unemployed and can prove that you are in the process of looking for a new job, you are also entitled to a free credit report. Credit does not only affect whether or not you are accepted for loans and new credit. It can sometimes also effect whether or not you are hired for a job.

For this reason, you are allowed to get your report for free to accurately assess where you stand before or while you look for a new job. Free credit reports are provided so that you don't have to be surprised with the outcome of a credit application.

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