Trans Union Credit Bureau

Written by Gregg Ruais
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The services offered by TransUnion Credit Bureau revolve around credit protection, money management, and education on matters pertaining to credit. TransUnion uses its insider knowledge on how credit works to develop practical and fairly cost effective solutions to consumers' problems. Their products help people legitimately repair damaged credit, find reasonable target interest rates for future loans, and avoid identity theft.

TransUnion's website serves as a free informational resource to people who want to learn more about credit reporting. As an industry giant, this company does not have to resort to scare tactics and false promises about repairing bad credit overnight in order to attract business. After learning all there is to know about building good credit from the TransUnion website, you can make an informed decision on whether or not their products will be of use to you.

TransUnion's Credit Repair and Awareness Services

For a small fee, TransUnion will run a debt analysis on your current situation. Based on monthly income and payments owed, a computer-generated report says whether or not you have the ability to take out additional loans. Like the two other major bureaus, TransUnion can produce a comprehensive three-bureau report for anyone willing to pay a small fee.

TransUnion also offers a service called ID Fraud-Watch. The public concerns about identity theft may be overstated, as fraud accounts for an infinitesimally small percentage of total credit card usage in the United States. However, being a victim of this crime can be incredibly frustrating and lead to unnecessary financial hardships. ID Fraud-Watch includes insurance that covers up to $25,000 of debts incurred due to identity theft.

Other services include a mortgage prep kit, which tells people the type of interest rates they deserve, and a fraud recovery plan, which consists of seven steps to repairing bad credit. As you can see, TransUnion, as well as the other bureaus, are consistently looking for ways to use their credit knowledge to offer comprehensive services.

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