Written by Sarah Provost
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Electronic billpay services offer a secure, convenient way to pay all your bills online. Once the system is set up, you can receive your bills by e-mail, then choose to pay them individually or set up recurring payments. E-mail reminders can help you avoid ever having to pay another late fee.

Typically, you choose your creditors from a list of those serviced. This list comprises almost any bill you'll need to pay, from credit cards to utilities to retail companies. Each creditor account has its own password, but there is usually one overall password for the billpay service, and that's the only one you'll need to remember. You can pay each bill separately, or you can set up recurring payments.

Billpay Services Help You Manage Your Finances

Most billpay services will send you reminders when your bills arrive and again when they are due. Some also allow you to set up a system whereby you are notified if you are in danger of overdrawing your checking account or exceeding the limit on your credit card. Having credit histories and expense summaries organized by category not only help you to manage your budget, but are also a great convenience when it comes to be tax time.

If you're going to use an electronic billpay service, be certain that you are dealing with a reputable company. Your bank may provide such a service, as may your ISP. Be certain to change your password frequently and to install firewalls and other security devices on every computer you may use.

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