Credit Repair Programs

Written by Josh Dodes
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First-rate credit repair programs can help you restore your good name in less time than you might think, but not in as little time as second-rate credit repair programs would like you to believe. As such, understanding the credit repair process and its timetable can prove an easy way of discerning the best companies in the industry from the rest. After all, misleading you by promising the moon is one of the few ways inexperienced companies can even hope to win business away from their more experienced, legitimate competitors.

The single most important thing to realize is that no one can repair your credit overnight, or even close. Even to the extent that reputable companies can remove items from your credit report, doing so requires months. That's because, as anyone who has attempted to do so on her own will attest, the process of satisfactorily proving to credit bureaus that certain records should not be in your report is both time-consuming and complicated.

What Credit Repair Programs Do

The industry's most reliable credit repair programs work with you to help identify those "bad marks" on your credit that are misleading, obsolete, or simply wrong. Once such marks are isolated, top programs will deal with credit bureaus on your behalf, putting to use their sophisticated understanding of both credit bureaus' internal policies and non-published credit repair laws. Of course, such understanding and expertise comes from decades of experience, yet another reason why less experienced companies so often try to compensate by making empty promises they hope you will believe.

Best of all, reliable programs are actually less expensive than unreliable ones. The reason is self-evident: top companies are considerably more efficient, and therefore can provide better service for smaller fees. Now that you can genuinely have the best of both worlds, why would you settle for less?

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