Free Bill Pay

Written by Sarah Provost
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Free bill pay services are available from many sources on the Web. Almost any creditor that has a website will have an option for you to pay your bills online at no extra charge. There are also free bill pay services that allow you to set up a schedule to pay all your bills from one site, and even to set up recurring payments.

Your bank may provide such a service, or your ISP. You provide the information for all your creditors. Then you choose a bank account that will be used for payments and enter that information. The free bill pay service will notify you when payments are due, pay the bills electronically, and maintain records. Obviously, this is a great convenience, and can also save you money in postage and late fees.

Security Concerns for Free Bill Pay Services

If you are going to be storing all this information on your computer, you must be especially careful about online security. First, be certain that the site you've chosen for the service is reputable and well established. Secondly, install firewalls and other protective devices on any computer you might use for paying your bills.

The most important security measure, however, is also the simplest: be certain to change your password frequently, and never, ever give it out. Remember that your ISP will never ask you for your password, nor will your bank, nor the bill pay service, so don't be fooled by official-looking e-mails. Make sure your password contains both letters and numbers, and never use anything that might be guessed, such as your zip code, phone number, or names of family members.

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