Living On A Budget

Written by Sarah Provost
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Living on a budget doesn't mean a life of deprivation, lack and self-denial. On the contrary, living on a budget can make your life easier and more pleasurable. Imagine the serenity you will feel when you know that all your future expenses have been taken into account, and money has been set aside for when it will be needed.

Budgeting for the things you need makes it more likely, not less, that you will be able to afford the things you want. Responsible management of your finances may take some self-discipline in the beginning, but your efforts will soon be rewarded once you're living on a budget with commitment and consistency. Then you'll be able to spend money knowing that today's purchase isn't going to cause you difficulties tomorrow.

Many people who operate without a budget don't really know exactly how much they're spending, or on what. A budget is not a list of "thou shalt nots," but a plan for allocating your money and reducing unnecessary expenses so that you can afford the things you really want. It's up to you to decide your priorities. If you hate to cook and loathe cleaning up the kitchen, maybe you'd be happy renting movies instead of going out, and eating less frequently in restaurants in order to use the money saved to buy convenience foods.

Resources for Living on a Budget

There are many resources online which will help you draw up a realistic budget. Creating the budget, however, isn't going to do you any good unless you stick with it. Take some time to investigate the myriad sites dedicated to tips for saving money. Some you might find too stringent for your tastes, but others may give you ideas for easy savings that you might not have thought of. With the right attitude, living on a budget can be fun--and spending the money you've saved certainly is!

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