Pay Bills Online

Written by Sarah Provost
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Now may be the time to consider the convenience available to you when you pay bills online. You may already be managing your checking and savings accounts online, and perhaps even your investments, so why not include billpay as well? There are two ways to accomplish this: you can visit the site of each creditor and pay them individually, or you could set up one bill-paying service to pay them all.

Your bank may offer this service as part of their online package, but if not, there are many stand-alone bill-paying services to be found on the Web. Typically, you receive your bills via e-mail and pay them electronically from your checking account. You can choose to set up recurring payments, or pay your bills yourself each time they come due.

Pay Bills Online for Convenience and Savings

When you pay bills online, you are taking advantage of a service that can save you both time and money. The convenience of no longer having to write checks for each creditor, find stamps and get the payments mailed is considerable. You also save money, too, both in postage, and more importantly, by avoiding late fees. Some bill-paying services are free, and even those which charge a small monthly fee can more than pay for themselves if they save you one hefty late fee.

When you pay bills online you have a record of your payments. Many services can show you graphically where your money is going. By using this service, you have a large portion of your budget already prepared for you.

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