Personal Finance Advice

Written by Sarah Provost
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Where do you get your personal finance advice? Your dad, your co-workers, the local fortune teller and that voice in your head may all have advice to offer, but if you're smart you'll take personal finance advice primarily from professionals. You may not be able to afford sitting across a desk from a financial guru, or there may not be one available in your area, but excellent advice is easily available on the Internet.

Internet Sources for Personal Finance Advice

There are two primary types of sites offering financial help: sponsored sites and service sites. Sponsored sites are linked to companies that offer services for fees. Most of these are highly respected companies, and their advice may be well worth the expenditure, especially in complicated areas such as investments.

Service sites are maintained by government agencies and social service organizations. While they can't be very specific about your personal finance advice, they are an excellent source of general information and helpful tips. Perhaps the most useful of these for people with financial difficulties are the credit counseling sites.

If, for instance, you are carrying a crushing load of credit card debt, these sites can show you ways to trim your spending and negotiate with your creditors. They can advise you of your rights and responsibilities and suggest possible ways of dealing with the crisis, such as consolidation. Just be certain that you are taking advice from a reputable source. If the solution they offer seems too good to be true, it may be.

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