Ar Factoring

Written by Linda Alexander
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Whether an AR factoring company will work with you depends on several issues. How strong your company is financially is one, as is the financial strength of your clients. Your credit-worthiness and that of your clients is also taken into consideration. The volume of business you do and the amount of receivables to be factored are also things that factoring companies consider before making agreements with businesses.

AR Factoring: A Competitive Field

In today's market, factoring is competitive. This makes it an ideal time to use it, because you will have many choices among factors with which to work. Do your homework to find the most knowledgeable and experienced AR factoring firms and those with the best rates. Negotiate with several of them to get the best terms you can find.

You can also renegotiate your factoring after you work with them for a while. Most likely, improved cash flow is going to allow your business to grow. When that happens, your status will likely change, as you will have more sales volume. When you can give even more business to your factoring service firm, they are likely to negotiate better terms.

Factoring can get expensive really fast, but it is a great solution when you need cash fast. After a year or two, your company might be in a better position to receive bank lending. Of course, if you want to avoid getting into any more debt, AR factoring is the answer.

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