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Written by Jessica Duquette
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Thou Shalt Not Laugh

Do you know someone who is notorious for carrying around a book entitled How to Get Rich Quick or How To Build Your Own Business? Before you laugh at them and dismiss the idea, you may want to reconsider. You should know that many brilliant and successful ideas come from the pages of business books.

Are you looking to start your own company? Or simply looking to improve your portfolio? Business books are a cheap and effective way to get started. For less than $20 dollars you can benefit from the ideas, mistakes and successes of people before you.

Search for Books Online

Many successful entrepreneurs have captured their story in writing and are selling millions of copies around the world. You can purchase any of these books in store or online. The most recommended books can be found on money management and other industry specific websites.

So while people may laugh at the guy with a book under his arm, chances are that he's discovered some innovative and successful ideas based on the words in that book. The next time someone suggests you read some business books, read one before you turn your nose up at the idea.

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