Individual Investors

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Individual investors have the same tools and resources available to them as institutionalized investors. Many major investment management firms prefer to work only with institutionalized investors. If you are among the many individual investors looking to tap into the stock market, there are plenty of resources and advisors to accommodate your dream portfolio.

First Step: Finding an Advisor

No matter what your interest is, stocks, bonds or mutual funds, individual investors can make an impressive profit with the right money management advice. Look for a registered investment advisor to handle your portfolio. Once you've selected the appropriate advisor, there are several things he/she will want to know about your plans.

Your Goals

What are your goals for the money you are about to invest? Could it be that you hope to retire by age 50? Or maybe you're simply looking to make enough money to support your family after you're gone. Whatever the case, determine these goals and share them with your advisor.

Getting Started Doesn't Require Millions

What can you afford to invest at this point in time? Determine your financial stability today in order to figure out what you are willing to commit to your portfolio. Individuals who invest cannot typically commit millions of dollars, and advisors don't expect you to. A good advisor is willing to work with you on an individual basis.

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