Registered Investment Advisor

Written by Jessica Duquette
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When searching for third party help with your portfolio, it’s a good idea to look for registered investment advisors. These men and women, registered by the Securities and Exchange Committee (SEC), are well versed in the right way to manage your investments. You can be sure their services and strategies are the most profitable and safest way to invest your money.

The Purpose of the SEC

The SEC’s primary function is to protect investors and preserve the integrity of the trading markets. The instability of the stock market in inevitable. For this reason, it’s important to have the market and its traders monitored at all times.

The basis for the SEC is to make sure that investors have all the necessary information in order to make a well informed decision on whether to buy a certain stock. Whether you're investing 100 dollars or one million dollars, you deserve to have all the facts. Registered investment advisors live by this rule and guarantee their clients have all the appropriate and necessary information before investing their money.

Why Add More Risk?

While many advisors are not registered with the SEC, we recommend you rely on only SEC registered investment advisors. By itself, the stock market and any investments you make, are a risk. Why compound the risk by depending on an advisor who isn’t affiliated with the SEC?

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