Discounted Cash Flow Software

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Discounted cash flow software is a boon to startup or small businesses. Any outlay of funds can put a serious dent in the budget of these marginal enterprises. If they are not at the breakeven point, which does not usually come in the initial phases, the businesses must have as few expenses as possible.

Survival may depend on a close, almost-daily scan of cash flow in order to keep tabs on income and expenses. When a startup business reaches the point at which the owner/manager must hire at least a part-time accountant to take over the books, discounted cash flow software might be appropriate. By allowing the owner to continue doing most of the daily or weekly finances, such software delays the hiring--and expense--of an employee.

Using a Computer

Anyone would benefit from learning to use a computer. For one thing, the Internet has literally brought the world to each computer user. Going online is like going to the library; everything from reference material to financial advice is available. Any kind of financial software would help a small business owner to continue taking care of financial matters and so would help to keep down expenditures.

It is essential that an owner keep track of cash flow because this enables a business to open its doors every day. If, for example, all available resources are tied up in an extensive inventory, the business might have to shut down. Money is needed for everything from making change for customers to petty cash to paying bills, and software provides an easier way to keep up with cash flow.

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