Sales Activity Tracking Software

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Sales activity tracking software not only saves the accounting department a lot of time, but enables it to produce frequent reports to management as often as requested. For various reasons, managers may need daily reports on sales volume, cash flow, or operating earnings in order to decide on the best financial course. If the company is in a transition, or dealing with economic downturns, software speeds up the process of reporting on important factors.

Sales activity includes sales volume and revenue, which are key indicators of profit. Although there is not a direct correlation between amount of revenue and amount of profit, decreasing sales activity is alarming to shareholders. Sliding sales should tell management that past decisions were probably erroneous and adjustments need to be made.

Keeping Management Informed

Managers cannot make sound financial decisions in a vacuum. Accounting departments exist to take care of inflows and outflows of cash and to maintain records of payroll, taxes, and other expenses. One of their top priorities, however, is to inform management through reports about the status of the many financial factors that affect the operation of a business.

Sales activity tracking software keeps such factors current without the tedious work that used to be involved before computerized accounting. Today, at least in larger businesses, financial analysis is automated and rapid reporting to management is a direct result. With global trading and communications, managers may need information swiftly to make sound decisions.

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