Written by Josh Dodes
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Few terms are more essential to foreign currency trading than EURUSD. Representing the relationship between the U.S. dollar and the Euro, EURUSD may in fact be the single most important piece of information on an ever-changing foreign exchange. Of course, while essential, the relationship between the dollar and the Euro is only one of an enormous number of inter-currency relationships, all of which are in flux at any given moment.

Given the complexity of investing in international currencies, it is understandable that only the best-educated and -equipped investors will survive, let alone thrive. Happily, however, such investors no longer need be the largest in the field. On the contrary, as in so many areas of the financial industry, investors who work smarter can often triumph over investors many times their size.

Plotting the EURUSD with Power and Flexibility

Few methods of approaching and investing in the forex are smarter than enlisting the aid of the industry's top forex education firms. While such firms provide astonishingly efficient virtual lesson plans for investors of every level of experience, the true jewels in such firms' crowns are their proprietary analytic and charting applications. These applications make it possible for even the smallest investor to plot the EURUSD and countless other currency relationships in real time, using scores of unique indicators and analytic tools.

Best of all, the forex's global scale allows investors to monitor the market and trade currencies on their own schedules. That's because, during the work week, the sun never sets on the forex. Open around the world and around the clock, the forex might just be the most egalitarian and accessible market in the world.

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