Foreign Exchange Services

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Banks have long offered foreign exchange services to their clients. As customers go on international vacations, they would go to their banks to exchange their domestic currency for foreign currency. Banks have also been facilitators of international trade. As a major corporation wants to engage in international trade they must exchange currencies. Their bank will act as agent and engage in currency exchange in the marketplace.

Currency Trading Services

A majority of those involved with the currency market are speculators. Speculators are involved in the market with the sole intention of making a profit. To meet the demands of speculators, savvy entrepreneurs have built companies that offer services designed for speculating traders.

Most currency trading services cater to individual traders. They specialize in providing low cost trading services. With these services you can open a trading account with less than $1,000. They will provide a trading platform that gives the trader all the necessary tools for proper trading. Almost every online currency broker will offer some sort of education section. These sections discuss the basics of the currency market and the differences between currencies and other popular trading instruments.

While quite a few services focus on individual traders, there are several that work with institutional clients. An institutional client can be an independent financial adviser or a regional bank with billions in assets. These services require substantial amounts in order to open an account. Some online dealers allow independent broker/advisers to partner up with their firm. The partnership allows the independent broker/adviser to offer currency trading to their clients.

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