Forex Commentary

Written by Michael Federico
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Even the most successful Forex traders can benefit from reading financial experts' reports on the market on a regular basis. These reports, known as Forex commentary, cover the specific ups and downs of a currency and they offer an overall view of the market as well. The majority of online trading services offer some form of commentary. Many offer reports every day, while others only give commentary at the end of the week.

Weekly and daily commentary reports differ in nature, so it is best to find a service that provides both. Daily commentary should include a breakdown of all the major currency pairs. For instance, a person should be able to see how the dollar performed against the yen, euro, sterling, the Swiss franc, and more. He should also be able to view how different foreign currencies stacked up against each other over the course of the day. Weekly commentary will generally be broad based. It will typically isolate overriding trends and cover outside factors that are affecting the market.

Commentary on Indicators

The best Forex commentary takes the market events of each day and each week and puts them into a long-term context. A person can make his decisions based on how the dollar performed against the sterling on Thursday, but he would benefit more if he was aware of any market indicators that could affect the currency pair down the road. Some commentary will actually take a pair and give a near-term, mid-term, and long-term outlook on it.

Forecasts, of course, do not always work out. While good commentary offers a trader a wide range of information on the Forex market, it is still filtered through the commentator's opinion. Most traders latch onto a set of commentators that they trust, but everyone will make a misstep at one time or another when predicting the market's future. This is to be expected, and smart investors can always make up their losses.

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