Forex Managed Accounts

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Unless an investor is knowledgeable enough to plunge into forex trading as a self-trader, forex managed accounts provide a safety zone in an inherently risky marketplace. Expert forex brokers use fundamental analysis and technical analysis tools to anticipate trends in the spot forex trading forum. Being attuned to trading signals, such as breakouts, support levels, and resistance levels, these brokers attempt to forecast the best time to invest.

Investors who set up forex managed accounts should do so with a commodity trading advisor (CTA), or with a firm of brokers, a commodity pool operator (CPO). These titles indicate registration with the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), the federal entity that has jurisdiction over spot forex trading firms. Off-exchange transactions in the forex market are instantaneous. The expertise of brokers who have a well-developed risk management plan is a vital protection for an investor.

The Self-Trader

The spot forex market requires expertise, preferably from CFTC-registered brokers, who can apply all their resources to limiting an investor's risk and maximizing an investor's profits. However, a few investors have the experience, the funds, and the time to direct their own accounts in the forex forum. These self-traders may opt to trade directly from their own charting platform.

An independent trader can have direct access to real-time, streaming prices from Reuters. The online Reuters interbank would be available to the independent trader, who could conduct business via phone, computer, or Reuters. Conducting one's own forex trading takes work, attention, education, and a willingness to take losses in hopes of reaping significant profits. Those who are not adept at the rapid-fire transactions of this market, can opt for the protection of forex managed accounts.

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