Fx Brokers

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Forex, or FX, brokers use statistical tools to analyze trends. On the basis of about 26 technical indicators, FX brokers determine when to take a position in the market. Through familiarity with sometimes arcane statistics and charting, traders apply empirical principles to the dynamic forex trading forum.

By using these indicators, FX brokers try to understand what a market is about to do. Depending on their ability to determine what is statistically correct, these currency traders may successfully reap great profits for investors. The best FX brokers are capable risk managers.

Sound Trading Methods

Theories come and go. One of the current theories is the asset market model, which views currencies as asset prices traded in the financial market. The Dow Theory is based mostly on stock market averages. Whether theories are valid or not, FX brokers must make empirical determinations of trends and, therefore, market opportunities.

Objective, disciplined, knowledgeable, ethical--these qualities and characteristics define the best FX brokers. Investors can find such traders by viewing websites of governmental entities and brokerage firms, for example. Investigations of traders and firms offering services to the general public would reveal those that operate with integrity.

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I know many large traders and over 80% of them use Fibonacci lelevs and profit targets. Nothing works´╗┐ 100% of the time and without other tools they may not even work 50% of the time however when they work there are often big moves off of them and that's the real key behind winning traders success, they hold winners and have much bigger winning trades then the tiny losses they have. You don't even need to be right 40% of the time if you have 2.5X bigger wins than losses.