Managed Currency Accounts

Written by Josh Dodes
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Time was, managed currency accounts were available only to major financial entities. With foreign currency markets offering among the most impressive and diversified investment opportunities in the world, smaller entities and retail investors had little choice but to sit on the sidelines and watch as bigger players won the spoils. Fortunately, in 1998, that situation finally changed, as smaller entities were finally permitted to join an OTC market in foreign currency.

The result is that practically any smart investor can now enjoy the unique opportunity provided by the forex market. In particular, forex offers the exciting potential to dilute investment risk on an international basis. While most hedge funds offer a degree of portfolio diversification, few make it as easy to weather the often extreme volatility of an entire economy.

Managed Currency Accounts Offer Flexibility

Managed currency accounts offer a flexibility that extends beyond the internationalization of risk. Just as important, managed currency accounts are open continuously throughout the work week. That means that if critical data comes in from an overseas economy in the middle of the evening, savvy investors can react to that data in real time.

While the forex market may not be for everyone, it provides an unrivaled investment opportunity for investors looking to aggressively grow wealth on a worldwide playing field. Even a minimal amount of online research can point the way to the top portfolio managers in the industry. In a global economy that moves at a breakneck pace, there is no reason not to start that search today.

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