Market Analysis

Written by Josh Dodes
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When it comes to the forex, market analysis is both more complex and more straightforward than it is for securities. It is more complex because, whereas securities prices are always in flux, currencies are both independently in flux and in flux in relationship to all other currencies. But it is far more straightforward because, unlike securities prices, currency exchange rates are far freer from fraud and insider manipulation.

Without the proper resources, of course, the complexity of the forex will invariably overwhelm less experienced investors with great speed. Fortunately, a handful of superb forex education firms have in recent years developed and introduced educational and analytic tools of unprecedented power and reliability. With such tools in hand, even novice investors can quickly learn how to successfully compete in a complicated global market.

Market Analysis Free of Bias

The reward for investors willing to equip themselves with the know-how and the tools to navigate the forex is a far more bias-free playing field. After all, because the forex trades in international currencies rather than intranational securities, it is virtually impervious to the types of corporate fraud, insider manipulation, and false earnings statements so common to traditional markets. That means that institutional entities can neither control nor dominate the forex in the ways to which many of them have become accustomed.

Best of all, the forex can reward careful market analysis on an astonishing scale. Not for nothing has it become by far the largest and most liquid market in the world. With trillions of dollars traded on the forex every day, the minimal cost of careful forex market analysis becomes almost negligible in comparison.

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