Online Forex Training

Written by Michael Federico
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For some reason, the trading of foreign currencies that takes place on the Forex market does not have the same 1980s, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants appeal that trading stocks has. Many investors see currency trading as a static process without much payoff. These investors are absolutely wrong. A lot of people have made a lot of money trading only on the Forex and avoiding the less-than-controlled chaos of the stock market.

Forex trading seems to have been designed specifically for the online trader. The market never closes, so a person does not have to worry about getting calls in before one of the NY Yankees or a member of Motley Crue rings the bell on Wall Street. Trades can be made electronically without ever bringing a broker-dealer into the mix.

How Do Forex Trades Work?

Trades on the Forex consist of pairs of currencies. For instance, a person can trade American dollars and Canadian dollars or yen versus euros. The value of one currency is derived from its relation to the other currency in the pair. The American dollar's value will trade differently when paired with the Mexican peso than when paired with the sterling. People speculate on how the values of the currencies will change in relation to one another, hoping to capitalize on the small exchange rate changes that take place throughout the day.

Most major online trading services allow their members to trade on the Forex. There are even some sites that are dedicated to the currency market. Many of these online programs also offer training software, and several independent companies provide new traders with all of the training they will need to get started.

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