Overseas Banking

Written by Michael Federico
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Overseas banking appeals to many American companies and individuals because it offers benefits and security that cannot be found in most American banking institutions. French, Italian, and of course Swiss banks all do a great deal of business with corporations on this side of the sea, and banks located in Asia and Africa, offering many of the same services as their European counterparts, continue to lure clients overseas. Adjusted interest rates, tax breaks, private banking, and heightened security measures are a few of the perks that overseas clients receive.

Security measures in the most respected overseas banks are so extreme they are often compared to those measures employed by the military. As more money is funneled overseas, banks develop new services and offer more benefits in order to remain competitive. These benefits, of course, draw more business across the pond.

Overseas Banking from Your Home

Many Americans take a very skeptical view of overseas banking. For those who do not deal in the world of high finance, overseas bank accounts call to mind the adventures of Bond or Bourne, but as the world grows more connected it has become easier to get involved in overseas banking.

Several overseas banks have established websites that make electronic transactions user friendly and secure. It is no surprise that each bank considers itself to be the only one worth dealing with, so it is important to go beyond the site and research each institution. A bank's history, rates, and philosophy towards it customers can be easily checked before venturing into the world of overseas banking.

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