Simulated Futures Trading

Written by BK Shaw
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Many brokerages set up on line will have the ability to provide you with the ability to enjoy a simulated futures trading account. The main benefit of these accounts is that you can trade real time with no expenses! It is paper trading in live form. It's also very fun, and I have enjoyed countless hours of amusement.

You can test all your systems with a simulated futures trading account. Using such an account will help you build your confidence level, before you write that first check. I have heard many traders scoffing at the idea of trading with a simulated account. Personally, I think if you can build confidence with a simulated account, experience some success, and then treat your real account in the same way; it will have been a worthwhile exercise.

It's a little bit like going to Vegas and gambling with those chips. Some of them will have a dollar written on them, and some of them will have 100 dollars written on them. I think we lose our nerve sometimes when we focus on the size of the number. And I see a similarity between real accounts and simulated accounts; you've got to trade like the numbers don't matter. The only numbers that do matter are the entry and exit points!

Signing up for a Simulated Futures Trading Account

Signing up a simulated futures trading account is simple. Find a brokerage that is equipped to supply you with this account type. Put in your information, choose the dollar amount you want to trade with, and have fun. The futures markets are so fun, you will probably want to trade lots of different markets, and of course with a simulated account, you can do just that!

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