E Mini Trading

Written by Erin Jones
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Although trading securities frequently has not been standard practice for most retail investors, sophisticated software has provided the tools necessary to actively manage your accounts. Before day trading, you should note that short-term trading fairly risky. Every investor, however, should allocate part of his or her portfolio to riskier, higher beta investments.

E-Mini Short-Term Trading

In general, the shorter your time horizon for your investment, the riskier that investment becomes. Large institutions, however, have been successfully exploiting the capital markets in the short run for decades. Their advantage used to be centered on superior technology. Even though large institutions still have cutting edge technology, the gap between the products available to retail investors and the technology institutions use is narrowing.

As a common investor, the critical part of short-term trading is using quality software. There is a wide array of financial software available to the retail market that is similar to those used by institutions. Before implementing any program, it's important to allow time for testing the models for any inherit errors.

Most programs available throughout the Internet extend a trial period, and sometimes even offer a money back guarantee. Put each program to the test and make sure that you are comfortable with it before committing. Sometimes, the simplest programs are the most successful ones.

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