Futures Trading Books

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Experienced and inexperienced traders alike can benefit from reading books on trading futures. Books about futures trading are generally written by successful traders with a story to tell. Since 80 percent of those who trade futures lose, it would pay to find out what a successful trader has to say.

Qualities of a Good Futures Book

A good futures book will be written by an experienced trader, one who has made the mistakes and learned how to avoid those mistakes. Ideally, a good book will include what it takes to become a successful trader. Not everybody is emotionally capable of handling the futures market. A good book will detail key personality traits successful traders have.

History of the futures market is not essential to your success but it is good to know. Preferably the book will not spend too much time on covering the past. Instead, it will focus on how the futures market works today. It will detail how modern exchanges and contracts work. It will explain how to use leverage and give information about where to open a trading account.

The meat of a good book will focus around a trading strategy. Since the purpose of reading a book is to become a better trader, it makes sense to have a good strategy detailed. Books written by experienced traders will likely have a good trading strategy included. Make sure the strategy fits your risk tolerance and trading preference. It wouldn't do any good to buy a day trading book if you aren't going to day trade.

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