Commercial Real Estate For Dummies

Written by Jessica Duquette
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With commercial real estate for dummies even people unfamiliar with real estate practices can earn a second, steady income. There are many fundamental details that go into a commercial real estate transaction. Missing even one of these details could influence the success or failure in turning a profit. How can investors prepare to enter the world of real estate investing?

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With a fail-safe class such as Commercial Real Estate for Dummies, students are experiencing a profitable outcome on their first property transactions. From the 1031 tax deferred exchange program, to foreclosed property and forced appreciation, this basic course can prepare students for the competitive real estate industry. Regardless of past education or experience, a commercial real estate course can expand people's earning potential.

A $250,000 apartment building may seem like a large, risky investment at first. Take a closer look and factor in the number of tenants that write a monthly rent check to the property owner. With ten renters paying $1,200 each month for their apartment, the owner collects $12,000 each month; $144,000 annually. The mortgage for the entire apartment is only $3,000 per month. The passive cash flow from this investment is $9,000 a month if the owner manages the property himself.

Facts and Figures

It doesn't even take a commercial real estate for dummies course to realize that this property owner could have the entire investment paid off in less than two years. Then he or she could continue to collect that $12,000 a month and live a comfortable lifestyle. The numbers speak for themselves. Commercial real estate is a low risk, profitable investment.

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