Creative Real Estate Investing

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Creative real estate investing can set the successful entrepreneur apart from the pack. One of the keys to prosperity in any business is the ability to tackle problems in creative ways. Doing so allows some mavericks to see opportunities where others see only obstacles and impediments. And the same is true when it comes to real estate investing.

Creativity can express itself in all kinds of ways, from your system of lead-generation to the structuring of your deal's financing. Maybe you've discovered a way to reach thousands of potential buyers or sellers by marketing yourself online. Or perhaps you've brought together a team of financial backers in an innovative equity-sharing agreement. Whatever the case may be, creative real estate investing can open doors to prospects that you'd never before considered, which often means financial success you'd never dreamed of.

Strategies for Creative Real Estate Investing

Since real estate investments are as diverse as the people who make them, there is no sacred set of principles that will ensure success. But there are a few things you'll always want to consider, such as unique market opportunities, spotting undervalued properties, and identifying general economic trends that might tip you off to impending booms or busts. Each of these factors can lead you to make decisions you'd ordinarily disregard. In many ways then, creative real estate is simply about opening your eyes and mind to possibilities that may, at first blush, seem nonsensical or even outrageous.

You may, for instance, learn that a high-profile store is coming to an otherwise impoverished area in an attempt at neighborhood renewal. To get ahead of the curve, you buy a distressed property several years before further plans for the neighborhood's renaissance are implemented. Five years later, there's an influx of money, then new residents along with it. You wait for your property to peak, then turn it for a tidy profit and move onto the next deal. Such is the standard M.O. when it comes to creative real estate investing.

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