Florida Real Estate Investing

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Florida real estate investing can earn investors thousands of dollars of passive cash flow each month. Both commercial and residential investments are profitable in the state of Florida. While both types of investments can lead to profit, only one investment can generate cash flow with very little effort.

Cash in on Florida Tourism

Residential real estate investments can be very profitable depending on where the property is located. A 2000 study claims that more than 50 million people visit the state of Florida each year. Most come to visit major tourist attractions such as Disney World or Universal Studios.

With the right property in the perfect location investors can turn an impressive profit from Florida real estate investing. Rental homes and condos are occupied year round and could produce an even flow of revenue throughout the year. This type of investment also requires a more hands-on approach. Keeping up with the property is essential in order to attract prospective tenants.

Earning a Living through Florida Real Estate Investing

On the other hand, commercial Florida real estate investing requires little to no involvement, provided a dependable property management company is hired. The profit generated from office buildings, retail locations and industrial warehouse space is significantly higher than any residential investment.

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