How To Find Motivated Sellers

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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So many independent investors wonder how to find motivated sellers, for doing so is of paramount importance when scouring for new properties. Who better to buy from than a party that's chomping at the bit to sell its holdings? By spotting motivated sellers before other investors have the chance, you can gain a decided advantage in the race to procure new plots.

There are any number of reasons why a seller might be motivated to part with his or her home or business. Oftentimes, it's a question of market forces such as inflation and interest rates that can drive a seller. In other instances the seller may be literally forced out by a lender who's foreclosing on a property. Other times a seller may have realized his or her goals and is now ready to move to the next investment.

Wondering How to Find Motivated Sellers?

If you're trying to determine how to find motivated sellers, consider that, like anyone selling a product, a homeowner is likely to go where he or she has the most qualified and motivated buyers. While that sounds obvious, many amateur realtors and investors spend their energy in the wrong ways, looking through listings that no serious bidder would consider. The question of how to find motivated sellers hinges on the type of property you're considering. Premium leads are generally reserved for high-end venues such as "lifestyle" and "boutique" magazines. Fixer-uppers tend to list in places like city newspapers.

Finding motivated sellers requires constant vigilance, as transactions can take place in the blink of an eye. By building your own real estate web sites, you can maintain an online presence 24-7, which is ideal for a global economy. After all, when it's midnight your time it's noon somewhere else in the world, and a foreign seller may just be posting his or her information for the first time. No one says you have to live in the same part of the world as your real estate investments.

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