Ibc Corporation

Written by Rebecca Russell
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For business owners and individuals of particular economic status, there are certain measures that can and should be taken to protect against the possibility of bankruptcy. Many people choose to set up corporations for their business ventures, ensuring that their personal and professional wealth are kept separate. Others may choose to set up an offshore account or corporation, which can provide the same function with a few added benefits.

Offshore Corporations

Individuals who may have particular interests in foreign business, generally set up an International Business Corporation, or IBC. An IBC can be used to handle foreign investments and may result in certain tax benefits for shareholders. These benefits may include exemption from income tax and/or the tax on capital gains.

Setting up an IBC can be incredibly complicated. Since the average American may not understand all of the legal and tax jargon used in the process, it is an extremely good idea to hire a professional consultant to help establish an IBC. This will ensure that all measures taken are legal and in compliance with the US government, as well as the government in the jurisdiction where the IBC is established.

In this day and age, there are many vehicles to use when researching a consultant or firm to use in setting up an IBC. The Internet can often yield the best results and widest selection of qualified professionals. Be sure, however, that you feel completely comfortable with the person you choose to represent you in these delicate matters, and that your representative is willing to answer any and all of your questions before you begin the process of setting up an IBC.

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