Investment Companies

Written by Shirley Parker
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Investment companies advise clients in many fields, including personal finance, real estate, small business, stocks, and private investment undertakings. Some companies specialize in land development, including shopping malls, huge housing developments, business offices, and industrial plants. In the personal arena, for example, investment companies help clients save for college educations, develop strategies for more evenly timed income, plan for retirement, and do estate planning.

Many investment companies choose to be associated with the Investment Company Institute (ICI). Any investment company that is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) can apply for membership. Helpful information is also available to the public through ICI's website. Obtaining qualified financial advice is always a good idea.

Selecting an investment company is a major decision, whether for a business or an individual. A business has its very existence at stake, not to mention its employees and its reputation. In the case of the individual, he or she is risking not only current income and assets, but often the future security of dependents as well. Either way, the possibility of making the wrong decision can be a truly frightening prospect for those who are cautious by nature. Other investors thrive on the challenge and the excitement of financial adventure with its lure of great returns in exchange for volatility in some industries.

The Role of the Small Business Administration

The Small Business Administration (SBA) is an excellent source of information for entrepreneurs. Its staff can provide advice for start-up companies and those that are ready to grow. This is highly useful, since venture capital financing may or may not be the answer to their situation. If it does seem to be the way to go, the SBA can direct them to a possible investor.

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