Natural Gas

Written by Tara Peris
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Natural gas is a valuable and widely used resource that has existed for ages. Although it garners increased attention these days because of concerns about a potential energy crisis, the substance has actually existed for millions and millions of years. Furthermore, despite the limited and non-replenishing supply, there is ample evidence that natural gas will continue to enrich our lives for years to come.

Although scientific theories differ as to the specific mechanisms by which natural gas and crude oil evolved, most agree that these resources were formed underground millions of years ago in territory that used to be submerged in water. Only in more recent modern times have we developed the technology necessary to extract and use gas effectively. Prior to this, it was viewed as a bizarre, mysterious, and poorly understood phenomena.

The History of Natural Gas

Ancient history texts speak of puzzling and frightening fires that would periodically erupt when lightening happened to intersect with natural gas that was seeping from the ground. Understandably, these eruptions fueled countless myths and legends. Many countries around the world still have temples built on sites where these spontaneous fires occurred, with the idea that the flames held divine power.

Today we know better. Yet we remain equally and justifiably amazed by the wonder that is natural gas. Like its crude oil counterpart, this naturally occurring phenomenon seems miraculous in what it can do and the multiple purposes it can serve. For these reasons and many more, exploratory drilling and natural gas company production have flourished at remarkable rates.

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