Offshore Ibc

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Many people are now treading lightly when dealing with their personal and professional assets. Successful businesses are constantly under scrutiny by a small number of greedy lawyers. As a result, many business owners are becoming targets for certain individuals, bolstered by these lawyers, who may be looking to make money off of dishonest legal claims.

There are many concerned professionals who feel that their growing success may become a liability. This growing concern can be detrimental to the economy, which feeds off of booming business and not timidity. Fortunately, this concern can be curbed by one of several programs that can be set up by trained asset protection consultants. One such program is the establishment of an offshore corporation or IBC.

International Business Corporations

Placing business assets into an offshore corporation means that they will be beyond the reach of any person or group of people who may try to apprehend them. An IBC makes assets untouchable, even by the Internal Revenue Service and US federal judges. While this may seem like a drastic measure, our society has become so inundated with litigation that every American has almost a one in three chance of being served with a lawsuit that could leave them destitute, whether the claim is legitimate or not.

It is important to remember that this type of strategy is not designed to help you to pay fewer taxes. An IBC is set up to protect only the income left after proper taxes have been paid to the US government. Any program that claims it can help you avoid all US taxes is a fraud and should be avoided at all costs.

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