Oil And Gas Investment

Written by Tara Peris
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Oil and gas investments are gaining popularity worldwide. Although crude oil and natural gas were once the domain of a select few, most countries today are looking to find a greater stake in the energy industry. The reason for this is obvious: energy industry commerce is a pillar of many flourishing economies.

Oil and gas investments do not necessarily rely on owning your own land. Many individual investors have found success overseas by forming limited partnerships in pursuit of oil and other natural energy sources. Similarly, many countries thrive on importing and exporting natural energy resources from countries elsewhere.

Oil and Gas Investments Worldwide

Another misconception is that oil exists only in the Middle East. Indeed, it is true that the eleven countries that comprise OPEC account for 40% of the world's oil supply. However, natural resources exist on many continents, including North and South America.

This fact has been highlighted recently by U.S. reports indicating that vast majority of America's natural gas remains untapped. Similarly, Russian oil exporting has garnered a great deal of attention, as it is thought to be primarily responsible for the country's four consecutive years of economic growth. Reports such as these remind us that oil and gas investments are to be explored in countries around the world, including our own.

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