Real Estate Investing 101

Written by Jessica Duquette
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A real estate investing 101 course will cover the basic principles needed to get started. Among these topics are the art of negotiation, down payments versus no money down, passive income, generating cash flow and property management. Text book lessons may help prepare students for the world of real estate, but only a hands-on experience will teach them the ropes.

How Much Is Education Worth?

Enrolling in a university class of real estate investing 101 will likely teach all the things needed in order to begin an investment deal, but at what cost? How much time and money are spent in order to get that education? Many students are pinched for time and looking to make money now rather than in five years.

Real estate professionals travel the country lecturing on their successes and failures. Students can learn valuable lessons from the experts in just a few short days. This accelerated real estate investing 101 program is more convenient for people with full-time jobs looking to begin a second career and generate a second steady income.

Sign Up for Real Estate Investing 101

This one-on-one environment enables students to ask questions, network with their peers and learn the industry in a motivational setting. For those without a lot of time to dedicate to course work, a 101 course is the optimum solution. Prospective attendees can find course registration online through the Internet.

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