Real Estate Investing Articles

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Real estate investing articles can provide relevant information for use in everyday investment practices. These resources are also an effective way of keeping up with current events that could affect buying and selling methods. Commercial property vacancy rates, lending interest rates and possible properties for sale are covered in many industry trade publications or local papers.

Finding Opportunities through Real Estate Investing Articles

Staying abreast of vacancy rates can open up potential purchasing options. Management companies may decrease the square footage rental prices and announce these deals in real estate investing articles. This may result in bargain prices for properties whose vacancy rate will increase dramatically over the next several months.

Be sure to analyze other influences that can affect the vacancy rate of the building before committing to a purchase. Are businesses migrating to this area in search of cheap office space? Are renovations under way making this particular area more marketable and thus more profitable? Purchasing an empty building simply because it comes with a cheap price tag is not always a money-making decision.

Bargain Prices

Lending rates are always a hot topic for real estate investing articles. Properties that have been confiscated by the bank or have been foreclosed on are often up for sale at less than discounted rates. Banks are usually willing to compromise simply to get this debt off their books.

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