Real Estate Investing In California

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Real estate investing in California can be monetarily rewarding. California may have the highest real estate prices in the U.S., but similarly, rental prices can make a commercial or residential investment very profitable. The initial price tag should not deter potential investors from entering the market; the future profit made on that sale could make it all worthwhile.

Real Estate Investing in California Versus Massachusetts

Whether choosing from real estate investing in California or in Boston, the principles are same. The only difference is in the market price for the property. A 12-floor office building in the financial district of Boston may sell for $1.2M whereas the same property in downtown San Francisco may have a price tag twice that size.

Beginners may want to start out by choosing an investment property close to home. This will facilitate a hands-on approach; and provide valuable lessons about the management process required to maintain a building of this size. Eventually real estate properties could span the country and require no direct effort on the part of the investor.

Uncovering a Gem: Foreclosed Properties

Consider speaking with banks when researching real estate investing in California. Many financial institutions are primary holders of commercial properties. In the case of foreclosed properties, banks are very willing to sell at prices under the market value. Successful real estate investors take advantage of these rare opportunities.

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