Real Estate Marketing Tools

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The average investor never stops to consider the real estate marketing tools that he or she is using to help broaden business. Many people just assume they're doing everything they can by scouring for leads, making phone calls, and passing out business cards. But to truly maximize their reach, investors must exploit the exponential power of the Web.

Handing out cards is fine if you're at a party or convention, but you're still dealing in an "arithmetic" (a-rith-MEH-tic) mode of marketing. You can keep doling out the cards for hours on end, but there's a limit to the number of people you'll reach--namely, the number of attendees at the affair. By contrast, real estate web sites offer an "exponential" way of marketing. The numbers literally multiply as more and more people find your site and pass the word along to their friends and associates.

Why Real Estate Marketing Matters

Given the above scenario, it is crucial that you put your best face forward when doing business. If a newcomer to your site is sold on your services and finds you to be professional, courteous, and competent, he or she will spread the word. This concept of "viral" marketing has long served advertising agencies and PR firms. It's one of the most effective real estate marketing tools in your repertoire.

So how does one create a site that attracts and retains leads? Expertly written copy is one proven key. Your words should be carefully selected, perfectly edited, and informative. Buyers and sellers will see right through fluff and quickly move on to another site. So take the time to find a skilled pro with the right combination of real estate marketing tools--someone who can write not only for the benefit of your clients, but for visibility on the all-important search engines as well.

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