Stock Investment Companies

Written by Shirley Parker
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Almost too much information is available on the Internet regarding stock investment companies. The mind can quickly weary of trying to wade through even a small amount of it. That being the case, it's probably timesaving and adequate to pick out just three or four companies to compare their funds, their expertise, and their fees or commissions.

One or two investment companies from the long-established firms that have been in existence for decades--some of them have merged over time--will provide a baseline. In addition, some well known investment consultants provide investment opportunities that are only available online. Some also publish electronic and hard copy stock newsletters that are available by subscription. In all cases, reading the fine print still applies.

Another option for the investor who likes a specific company or its stock is to invest directly in its stock purchase program. Specific companies allow direct purchase of stocks or permit regular monthly investments of, say, $100. The stock plans are usually referred to as DRIPs (Dividend Reinvestment Plans). Several organizations exist, such as the National Association of Investors Corporation, to provide a great deal of education to its members about the stock buying process.

Advice from Authors

Some financial consultants have written several books each, giving advice to the would-be investor. Taking the time to read at least one book by a couple of these successful investor-authors will provide different points of view. While one might expect experts to agree, they don't always concur. Sometimes, in fact, their opinions are radically different, once you get past the basics of paying yourself first and paying off the credit card debt.

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