Web Site Design

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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In the past 10 years, millions of armchair designers and tech geeks have ventured into web design, an arena that brings together many disparate elements. For some, web site design is, at its core, all about code, the programming languages through which websites communicate. The look of a site, its navigation, and its overall functionality are all products of the web designer's code.

For others, however, web site design is all about business. How visible is the site? How "sticky" is it (will users stay)? How effectively does it convert consumers' spending urges into dollars-and-cents sales? These are just a few of the questions the entrepreneurial designer will ask him or herself.

An Explosion of Web Site Design

Because web site design can require a knowledge of HTML (Hyper-Text Mark-Up Language), Flash, C+, Cobalt, or a variety of other languages, many people steer clear of the field. At first blush, these programs can seem too tedious and complex to master, even if that's not the case. Still, "coding" is specialized enough to keep newcomers at bay, which has created a market opportunity for quick-thinking companies.

You can now "design" your own website with no knowledge of HTML whatsoever, thanks to a few businesses that have "dumbed down" the process. Snap and upload your own pictures, write your own copy, and pick your own layout, and with a few clicks of the mouse your real estate investing page, private medical practice, massage therapy business, or homemade desserts enterprise is online. It doesn't matter whether you're selling real estate tools or chocolate-chip macadamia nut cookies--you still need a web presence if you hope to succeed.

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