Zero Down Real Estate Investing

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Zero down real estate investing doesn't necessarily mean that no cash is required at the time of signing. In this case, the term "no money down" simply means that none of the investor's own money is required in order to get started. For those who thought investing in real estate was impossible due to lacking finances, think again.

The Search for Investors

Wealthy people spread their investments through stocks, bonds and the occasional fixed income investment such as real estate. By having these diversified portfolios investors entertain much less risk. However, some of these investment options have a very low pay out.

A savings account or CD may only offer an interest rate of two percent. When searching for potential investors in commercial real estate transactions, tempt them with the higher interest rates. They can make a much higher profit from commercial real estate investment than they would by putting their money in more traditional investment options. This allows them to triple their money and opens up the door to zero down real estate investing.

How to Spot Zero Down Real Estate Investing Opportunities

Joining a real estate club or organization can introduce members to many partnerships and investing opportunities. Candor works best with prospects; present the zero down real estate investing up front. For them, a $20,000 down payment is simply another money-making endeavor.

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