Church Financing

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Churches need financing for many of their larger expenses nowadays. These can include new pews, equipment and vehicles for burial services, air conditioning, heating and kitchen facilities to name just a few. For weddings, sound and video equipment along with the more traditional pianos are a must. A church should be a place where sad and happy events are well provided for.

Some churches take out loans to finance the larger events throughout the year too. Sadly, many places of worship have fallen into disuse, so making sure that all the facilities are available for family occasions that will encourage community use of the church makes a lot of sense. Once word gets around that your church is perfect for many social events, this news will bring with it a cycle of increased spiritual and social activity.

Administering Donations and Loans

Many lending institutions will now lend to churches without a qualification process. Even though loans can be secured without approval, it is in the interests of the church itself to adopt a sound administrative procedure that will keep accurate records of income and spending. Tracking donations and loans will protect the church on many levels.

When the congregation sees that improvements are being made, they will be encouraged to go ahead and organize further fundraising activities themselves. The proceeds can be used to help pay off the church loans, as well as finance further improvements or activities. A loan can pave the way to a lot of fundraising activities that may even eliminate the necessity for further church loans.

The job of a pastor is undoubtedly more complicated today than it has ever been in the past. Managing a church's finances alone can be overwhelming. Computers and software programs can be an invaluable aid to keeping finances and events organized. A church business administrator, whether a pastor or not, may opt to get financial advice from experts in the congregation to help him with ideas and resources to improve and perfect church administration.

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