Debt Reduction

Written by Robert Mac
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Debt reduction is not only easier now than ever before--it's also more important now. Americans have poor debt management skills, as seen by the growth of debt recovery by collection agencies. By educating ourselves on financial matters, eliminating unnecessary spending, and repairing our credit ratings, we can achieve debt reduction without declaring bankruptcy.

While physical health concerns are serious issues in America today, we cannot forget our financial health as well. Americans live and die by the credit card, and the long-term effects are only now being realized. Individuals find out, often too late, that they are entering a spiraling orbit of finance charges, late fees, and exorbitant interest rates.

Trim the Fat for Debt Reduction

Just like trimming the fat from your diet, by reducing "empty calorie" purchases, you can start your way toward better financial health. But that's just one way toward debt reduction: there are many practical steps you can take, as well as commercial and non-profit services that can help you repay your debts. The first step, though, is to cut back on wasteful spending that adds to your debt while you are planning to reduce it.

You can satisfy many of your creditors by consolidating monthly payments through a third-party credit service; generally, they can reduce your interest rates and let up on the hounding phone calls, too. While there may be a charge for these services, it's usually worth the convenience. Plus, they may negotiate other discounts and refunds for you as well.

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