Sba Loan Programs

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The United States Small Business Administration is a body that was set up to maintain and strengthen the US economy by further encouraging small businesses. Small businesses already form the backbone of the US economy. In fact, small business plays such a large part in the performance of the economy that this sector is monitored closely for indicators as to the general state of the economy. Small businesses respond to market conditions before the big boys, so while they'll suffer first in a downturn, they also begin to recover faster when things get better.

To provide these loans, the SBA works in partnership with approved finance companies. Any small business owner can apply for a loan, providing they have no past record of bankruptcy, bad credit or criminal arrests. In addition, the person applying for the loan must be involved directly in the running of the business.

Getting an SBA Loan

Providing a small business can prove that it is stable and well run, SBA loan programs can provide funds for a long list of business expansion and improvement projects. Purchasing real estate and equipment is just a small part of it. Any acquisition associated with expansion of an existing business or launching a business start up can be considered.

Among the questions that a finance company will ask before granting a loan is if the business has sufficient proven cash flow to cover the repayments on the loan. Obviously the whole point of investing further money in any business is to improve operations and hopefully to increase revenue. This future increase cannot be counted on, however, when applying for a loan.

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