Small Business Financing

Written by Josh Dodes
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When it comes to small business financing, few owners' specific needs are alike. However, virtually all such small business financing needs share something in common: an element of urgency. In a competitive small business environment where ill-timed financing can represent the difference between staying afloat and going under, speed in obtaining a necessary influx of working capital is of the essence.

Even when small business owners can qualify for them, traditional bank loans require a drawn-out process in which borrowers must wait longer than many such owners can afford. Thankfully, an impressive new option has emerged, an alternative financing model that innovates in both speed and ease of repayment. Less a traditional loan than something more akin to a limited business partnership, this new option can make it simpler than ever for small business owners to get the best of traditional loans, without all of the traditional drawbacks.

Small Business Financing in Days

Whether you are looking to expand your business, meet unexpected expenses, buy out a partner, or any of a wide array of other pressing needs, the capacity to obtain all the money you need in a matter of days is invaluable. Top alternative lenders can provide working capital in a tight timeframe, while simultaneously allowing you to pay it back on a far looser schedule. That's because these alternative small business financing resources provide capital in the form of a discounted purchase of your future sales.

Using proprietary technology to allow you to repay capital as a percentage of individual credit card sales, these alternative lenders ensure that you never have to pay more in a given month than you can reasonably afford. That means that you can confidently expand on your own schedule, safe in the knowledge that your growth will not be hobbled by prohibitively high loan payments. And that, in turn, encourages the type of entrepreneurialism which benefits alternative lenders and business owners alike.

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