Small Business Information

Written by Josh Dodes
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On the hunt for small business information that you can use to obtain working capital, but unsure if the source of the information you are finding is reputable? Your skepticism will pay handsome dividends. After all, the great majority of lending firms purporting to offer specifically tailored small business information are actually attempting to get you to apply for loans that look suspiciously like their big business counterparts.

There are two substantial problems with small business owners applying for scaled-down version of loans structured for bigger businesses. First, of course, without traditional collateral, which many small businesses lack, qualifying for such loans can be next to impossible. Perhaps more ominous, however, is the fact that even if you qualify for such a loan, it could end up doing your business far more damage than good.

Small Business Information You Can Trust

While a traditional loan can theoretically provide you with as much and as quick an infusion of operating capital as alternative loans genuinely designed with smaller businesses in mind, their repayment systems are radically different and far more risky. That's because, while large businesses can typically repay loans on an aggressive schedule, regardless of minor variations in income, small businesses can easily default on a loan after even a few slightly slower months. As such, alternative loans that allow you to pay capital back based on a percentage of your monthly sales, rather than as a flat fee, are far safer and smarter bets.

Needless to say, the most reliable small business information will only come from those lending firms evidencing a clear understanding of small businesses' unique borrowing needs. You work hard enough to keep your business afloat without taking unnecessary chances. Work with a firm that truly understands the peculiar vagaries of the small business economy, and you will greatly increase your chances of not just staying afloat, but staying ahead.

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