Small Business Loan Application

Written by Josh Dodes
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For years, small business loan applications have been turned down by lenders anxious to screen out potential credit risks. And indeed, by traditional lenders' standards, the lion's share of small businesses pose significant repayment risks. Happily, however, a new breed of lenders has recently emerged, a breed of lenders more interested in screening you in than screening you out.

While small business loan applications are routinely turned down for lack of collateral or an established credit history, innovative new funding sources have adopted a new model that requires neither. That's because, rather than lending money that must be backed by collateral and paid off at a relentless rate, these unique lenders instead buy a fixed amount of your future sales. As such, approval depends almost entirely on a proven ability to generate a reasonable monthly minimum in credit card sales.

Small Business Loan Applications for Right Now

Of course, just because such alternative financing firms are able to patiently wait for repayment does not mean that you need to be as patient in receiving the initial loan. On the contrary, once these alternative lenders approve your small business loan application, you can receive a substantial lump sum in less than ten workdays. That means that you have access to all the money you might need, precisely when you might need it most.

With solutions tailor-made for today's small business owners so close at hand, it is no wonder that so many smart owners have already elected to go this innovative route. You face enough disadvantages in a market overrun by larger corporations. Experienced lending firms understand that plight, which is why they work so hard to help you overcome it.

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