Solution For Business Funding

Written by Josh Dodes
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With so few small businesses in possession of the type of substantial collateral required by traditional lenders, small business owners have long sought a new solution for business funding. And for the first time, in the last few years, a novel solution for business funding has finally emerged. Combining the most helpful elements of traditional loans with a new lending structure that eliminates those elements of traditional loans most troubling to small business owners, these alternative loans may well represent the future of small business funding.

Most importantly, alternative lenders have restructured qualification criteria to "screen in" even businesses that do not own the buildings in which they operate. As long as you have been in operation for a year and can meet a low threshold for monthly credit card transactions, you can receive substantial sums of working capital in mere days. With precisely those businesses that fail to meet traditional lenders' collateral requirements typically needing financial help most urgently, that means that even the smallest businesses can finally compete, and even expand, on a level playing field.

A Less Burdensome Solution for Business Funding

In addition to making it easier than ever for small businesses to obtain immediate funding, the premier alternative financing experts have also worked hard to make it easier than ever for such businesses to repay that funding in a manageable way. In sharp contrast to the strict payment schedules mandated by traditional loans, alternative loans require you only to repay a set percentage of your credit card sales on a monthly basis. And what could make more sense than the capacity to repay more aggressively when income is up and less so when income is down?

If you know where to look, the beneficiary of this innovative new solution for business funding can be you. With even a few hours of online research and a health dose of skepticism, you can quickly identify experienced alternative lenders that can help you short-term without hurting you long-term. It is no wonder that so many savvy small business owners have already elected to do so.

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