Venture Capital Financing

Written by James Kitchens
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Getting together the necessary finance to start a small business in the US has never been easier. In part this is because the government now realizes just how big a part the small business community plays in the economy. Small business constitutes the American Dream. It's also due to the fact that many other larger businessmen remember what it's like to be just starting out, and want to be in on the action too, in the form of solid financial backing and expert advice.

So important is small business to the US economy that small business grants are commonly available from state development agencies. Many other types of direct financial assistance may also be available. Before you go ahead with securing a loan for venture capital, make sure you've exhausted these possibilities first.

Financing Your Venture

Even with state grants, chances are you'll also need to borrow some capital at some point. It's rare these days that a start up business can be wholly financed by the owner. Fortunately it's not hard to borrow if you need help launching your small business. There are many agencies that share your optimism.

Another source of venture capital is the SBA loan program. The US Small Business Administration aims to help as many small businesses as possible through its partnership with finance companies across the country. Provided the borrower has a clear credit history, with no bankruptcies or arrests, the outlook for borrowing for the purpose of launching a start up is good.

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